Infrastructure Design and Development

On the hardware front we work on 3 distinct aspects:


  • Infrastructure design and development: skills that are not usually required 365 days a year in a company, but data centers are constantly evolving and every day there new servers to be activated and storage (SAN and NAS) to be expanded. It is also not unusual for customers to require extra network infrastructure (e.g. routers, switches, firewalls) and hardware to be dedicated to them and redundancy to be built in. Momit constantly employs highly qualified professionals to guarantee the quality of its services and its team of engineers and designers are dedicated to providing you with reliable and properly dimensioned turn-key solutions.
  • Wi-Fi and structured networks: together with established partners, we offer structured cabling solutions, including copper and optical fibre interconnections, and Wi-Fi coverage of large areas with Cisco Aironet or Ruckus Network equipment.
  • Technical support: Momit is the only company in the industry that offers customers local hardware support via geographically spread technicians. One problem that often occurs is that the service provider attributes the blame for a service failure to the customer, while the customer attributes the blame to the service provider. Increasingly, small to medium sized businesses need a single point of contact that can avoid unnecessary costs and delays in solving the problem. Momit offers full 360° support (currently available only in Italy and some cities in Spain.)


Software Design and Development

Momit has a completely different development approach to the usual traditional channels. Our analysts and managers are employed internally while developers are allocated work depending on the specific development activity to be carried out. Because our professionals are geographically distributed we can boast expertise in numerous programming languages, in the development or integration of existing platforms and in development of applications from scratch. The team mainly works in English with tools that allow the end user to have complete visibility of the project at all times.

The project manager is often a senior analyst or programmer who interfaces with the client, updates the team and assigns modules to be developed. Momit’s areas of expertise include:


  • General web development on CMS platforms: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Prestashop, Magento, NopCommerce, DNN. Regardless of the preferred CMS, we offer development on Windows Hosting or Linux Hosting for those needing a website or e-commerce platform for their activities and have 360° expertise thanks to our wide network of qualified sector professionals.
  • Custom development: whether your business needs a custom WordPress plugin, CNC metalworking software or a Big Data analysis system, Momit can develop everything from the most traditional application to the most advanced Cloud system.
  • SEO positioning: many paid campaign tools are now available on the market but using them all for your website comes at considerable cost. Some business are particularly focused on translating traffic into opportunities and require a more organic positioning. Momit has developed an innovative approach in taking your web solution and deciding together positioning objectives. You only pay for the results achieved with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!


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