Momit, The company behind DATACENTER

Momit was born as an idea in 2009, from the meeting of Mauro Razzetti  and Alessandro Ratti, and materialized as a new company in 2011 with the creation of Momit Srl.
In a just a few years, Momit consolidated its business as a partner to many Italian and foreign companies by drawing on the already mature technical and professional experience of its founders with their over 20 years of industry experience. Our vision is for a solid, agile service for those motivated by three fundamentals: quality, security and human relation.

In 2015, the business underwent some important changes with corporate control passing to Mauro Razzetti, who established new partnerships and agreements and begun to internationalize activities to the United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland and Iceland. Momit is no longer limited to the domestic market, but meets the demands of successful companies in various parts of the world.


Momit understands it clients’ needs and, with expert knowledge and experience, delivers quality, effective solutions.


This has always distinguished us from our competitors and always will. In a market that many consider long-since saturated, Momit continues to grow firmly believing in this value. We are sure we are on the right track and the best confirmation of that comes from clients constantly migrating to us from our competitors.


Mauro Razzetti

linkedin-momitMauro started out at the age of 19 as a junior systems analyst and gained valuable professional experience as part of a team migrating the infrastructure of a leading company in the banking sector. He then went on to redesign and implement network infrastructures for various large companies. From in-depth knowledge of Microsoft technologies, he later expanded his know-how to VMware, Linux and Cisco equipped networks. In addition to holding the position of CEO, he is the direct designer of all Microsoft based solutions offered by Momit and of part of its Network infrastructure.