Remote Backup

The Remote Backup solution is different from the usual cloud-based platforms to be found on the internet. Backups are fundamental to every business, as in emergency situations they are often the only resource to allow a return to full operations without incurring substantial loss. It can involve a considerable risk to trust all this data indiscriminately to the cloud and many companies handing sensitive data are required to host the data in a specific and identifiable location in order to comply with legal obligations.

Momit has developed the Remote Backup solution via a proprietary platform to be compatible with all Windows, Linux and Apple desktop operating systems for fast, geolocalized backups in precise data centers. The solution can also be combined with Dedicated or Virtual Server and Hosting plans for those wanting terabytes of back up space at very low cost. User management, statistics, accesses and reporting are all easily managed via simple web interface. Recoveries from backups are easily performed simply by selecting the required files and, in the case of multiple archives, the system optimizes the transfer by combining and safely compressing them.

The 1-1 module for sending or requesting files relating to a specific recipient allows the solution to offer much more than a simple corporate backup service, creating a real shared work area for the company. Request a demo today!!

  • Spazio remoto allocabileSpazio remoto allocabile
  • Spazio aggiuntivo / MaxSpazio aggiuntivo / Max
  • WhitelabelWhitelabel
  • Backup RidondatoBackup Ridondato
  • BackupRemoto SMART

  • Spazio remoto allocabile1 Tb
  • Spazio aggiuntivo / Max+1Tb, massimo 3 Tb
  • WhitelabelOpzionale
  • Backup RidondatoOpzionale
  • BackupRemoto FLEX

  • Spazio remoto allocabile3 Tb
  • Spazio aggiuntivo / Max+1Tb, massimo 10 Tb
  • WhitelabelOpzionale
  • Backup RidondatoOpzionale
  • BackupRemoto EXTRA

  • Spazio remoto allocabile10 Tb
  • Spazio aggiuntivo / Max+1Tb, massimo Illimitato
  • WhitelabelOpzionale
  • Backup RidondatoOpzionale

Ease of Management

On purchase, our technicians will pre-configure your domain with an easy-to-use control panel that allows you to fully monitor and control users, passwords and allocated space as desired.


You will not have to do anything to your existing company systems. Continue to use existing backup systems alongside the remote backup in complete transparency.


The system supports and integrates with any Linux, Windows or Apple desktop or server system using standard protocols. It updates itself automatically as new features are released and so never requires maintenance!


How much space is being used? How much bandwidth is being consumed? Easily generate real-time reports via simple web interface to monitor your domain and space requirements.

Backup Redundancy

With the redundancy option, the Remote Backup is replicated on another Remote Backup infrastructure, located in the same or different geographic area of your choice. This adds an additional level of redundancy and extra guarantee that your backups are always available.


Try the solution, and, if you like it, sell it on to your customers. With the Whitelabel option, you can customize the software interface with your company logo and colours and you are assigned a public IP address and an entire dedicated Remote Backup infrastructure!

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