Cloud Antispam

The Antispam solution integrated with Cloud Antivirus protects the email infrastructures of our services MailPro Linux and Windows and can be integrated with any third party email platform currently used in your company. The secure solution is specifically designed for the Cloud with built-in redundancy and regular, transparent updates from our technicians.

Email is now easily the most important form of communication within companies, but it can often be affected by spam or blacklisting issues with the result that some recipients no longer receive emails, some messages are delivered directly to spam or worse the service completely fails. The reliability of email communications is something that should never be underestimated by companies. Our Cloud Antispam service, with its range of unique features, completely eliminates these problems!

Cloud Antispam semplicità d'uso

Ease of use

On purchase, our technicians will pre-configure your domain with the rules and filters to block 96% of the spam you would otherwise receive, but an easy-to-use control panel allows you to modify any parameter as desired.

Cloud Antispam efficenza


Thanks to cloud infrastructure, over the last few years, the platform has had 100% uptime and blocked 99.8% of all spam, even during operating system upgrades and security patches.

Cloud Antispam integrazione


The service supports and integrates with any Linux, Windows, Unix or BSD mail server and standard protocols. The platform needs no maintenance and auto-updates as new spam addresses and viruses are listed on global databases!

Cloud Antispam reportistica


How much spam is being received? Which mailbox has the most problems? Easily generate real-time reports in PDF or HTML via web interface to monitor the spam addressed to your domain.

Cloud Antispam backup

SMTP Backup

In case your destination mail server becomes unreachable, the system provide a redundancy level, keeping emails backed-up in a SMTP queue. As soon as the mail server is back on-line, the system delivers all queued emails. No more lost email, even during weekend black-outs or maintenance to your systems.

Cloud Antispam in uscita

Outgoing Antispam

Cloud Antispam is one of few products that also performs outbound filtering! The system monitors all emails sent from your organization to third parties, recognizing and blocking any spam. Finding the malware-infected PC sending spam on your network is no longer a challenge.

The Cloud Antispam service is completely independent from the MailPro platforms. It can also be used directly with the corporate e-mail server even if remotely hosted, without VPN, complex configurations or reconfiguration of the remote server. It can be integrated with any email platform already in use at your company. Check out the best plan for your needs:

  • Num domini protettiNum domini protetti
  • Num mailbox dominioNum mailbox dominio
  • Antispam SMART

  • Num domini protetti1
  • Num mailbox dominio30
  • Antispam FLEX

  • Num domini protetti1
  • Num mailbox dominio100
  • Antispam EXTRA

  • Num domini protetti1
  • Num mailbox dominioIlimitate
  • Antispam UL

  • Num domini protettiIllimitati
  • Num mailbox dominioIllimitate

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