Cloud Antivirus

Cloud Antivirus is based on the tried and tested TrendMicro solution. It protects Momit dedicated server and VPS virtual server infrastructure and can also be fully integrated with desktop and mobile platforms not present at our data centers. If you are looking for antivirus software with corporate supervisor centralized management and full control of all mobile devices whether or not connected to the corporate network for long periods, the Momit solution is fully integrable, cloud-delivered, secure, redundant and constantly and transparently updated directly by the TrendMicro team.

Incidences of viruses and malware are increasingly shifting from traditional desktops to smart-phones, which are brought into offices and commonly connected to the corporate Wi-Fi. This is a vehicle for viruses and a concerning security issue for many companies. An unprotected and non-secure device can create unintentional email outages, spread malware over the shared network and cause significant economic damages and reductions in productivity. Information security is something that should never be underestimated by companies. Our Cloud Antivirus service, with its range of unique features, completely eliminates these problems !

cloud antivirus semplice


On purchase, our technicians will pre-configure your domain and provide you with access credentials. Install with just 3 clicks and use the convenient web control panel to modify any parameter as desired.

cloud antivirus efficenza


Virus scans are performed using the full computing power of the cloud. Gone are the times when antivirus software slowed down your system on a scan!

cloud antivirus multipiattaforma


The system supports and integrates with Microsoft and Apple desktop and server editions, fully protects mobile operating systems including Apple, Microsoft and Android and never requires maintenance as it is constantly connected and updated via cloud!

cloud antivirus reportistica


How many viruses and malware programs are reaching your network? Which infected desktop is creating slowdowns on the network? Reporting on identified problems or infected systems is generated in real time and alerts are immediately sent via email to the network administrator.

cloud antivirus automatismo

Automatic Updates

In enterprise networks, it often happens that antivirus software, and its scan engines and virus definitions, may not be not updated for months, making it completely useless. Our advanced technology Cloud Antivirus solution ensures that your antivirus software and definitions are always fully up-to-date. For all devices connected to the internet, the Cloud checks every 5 minutes that the protection is active and fully operational.

cloud antivirus sicurezza


Corporate networks often require obsolete systems to run in order to use old software or simply to migrate to newer versions of operating systems. The Cloud Antivirus solution offers water-tight security by blocking the vulnerabilities of systems that are no longer fully supported. This means that you can keep management systems based on Windows 2003 Server or Windows XP fully operational even though they are no longer officially supported.

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