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  • Backups for a company are a fundamental process, they are copies of the company’s data and often in a disaster or failure situation they are the only solution that brings the company back into full operation, limiting significant money losses.

    Smart Remote BackupFlex Remote BackupExtra Remote Backup
    Initial Backup Space1 Tb3 Tb10 Tb
    Extra Backup Space / Max+1Tb, Max 3 Tb+1Tb, Max 10 Tb+1Tb, Unrestricted
    Redundant BackupOptionalOptionalOptional
  • Momit works with the main SSL certified issuing brands, offering, among all the products, the greatest reliability and compatibility for any platform or system that needs SSL certificates.

    Cifratura SSL Encryption256 bit256 bit256 bit256 bit256 bit
    Browser Compatibility99%99%99%99%99%
    Extended Browser ValidationNoYesYesYes
    Third Level Domain CertificateNoNoNoYes, UnrestrictedYes, Unrestricted
    Microsoft Exchange CertificateNoNoNoPartialYes
    Fraud ProtectionNot available100.000$250.000$250.000$Not available
    Basic SupportIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
  • Possiamo registrare centinaia di estensioni domini; puoi scegliere fra più di 400 estensioni differenti, incluse le ultime disponibili. Il tutto gestibile dal proprio pannello di controllo RYO

     Domini PubbliciDomini Privacy BaseDomini Privacy Full
    Estensione DominioPiù di 400Più di 200Più di 200
    Inoltro di URLIllimitatiIllimitatiIllimitati
    Domini Terzo LivelloIllimitatiIllimitatiIllimitati
    Dati WhoisTutti i dati personali pubblicatiSolo e-mail personale pubblicataNessun dato personale pubblicato
    Supporto baseInclusoInclusoIncluso

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