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Cloud Antispam

Cloud Antispam

The Antispam solution integrated with Cloud Antivirus protects the email infrastructures of our services MailPro and can be integrated with any third party email platform currently used in your company.

Email is now easily the most important form of communication within companies, but it can often be affected by spam or blacklisting issues with the result that some recipients no longer receive emails, some messages are delivered directly to spam or worse the service completely fails.

Ease of use

The RYO interface is the control panel for managing your antispam system in complete autonomy. 96% of spam email that you receive will be blocked by using the default configuration, but you can change and tune the spam parameters as you wish.


Thanks to its cloud infrastructure, the platform has 100% of uptime and 99,8% of blocked spam emails


It is compatible with any mail server setup as it uses standard protocols. The platform is automatically updated in real-time from worldwide spam database, it does not need maintenance.


How much spam do I get? Which mailbox has the most problems? You can generate real-time reports from a web interface in order to know your spam situation on your domain.

SMTP Backup

In the event that your mail server cannot be reached, the system adds a redundancy level, keeping your email in a SMTP queue for 24 hours. As soon as the mail server comes back online, all your emails will be sent. No more lost emails, during weekend black-outs or system maintenance.

Outgoing antispam filter

Cloud Antispam filters your outging emails. The system checks all your sent emails coming from your company towards other domains recognising and blocking spam emails.
Our Cloud Antispam service is completely independent from MailPro platforms. It can be used directly with the company mail server even if placed in a remote location.
  •   Antispam Smart Antispam Flex Antispam Extra Antispam UL
    # protective domains 1 1 1 Unlimited
    # domains mailbox 30 100 Unlimited Unlimited

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