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Our vision is to offer a solid, agile service: integrated solutions for those who direct their business toward quality, security and human relationships. We intercept our customers needs and we operate with competence and quality, building you quick and concrete solutions.
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Momit is a Managed Service Provided born in 2009. In just a few years, Momit has grown stronger, becoming an important partner of italian and foreign businesses. This has been possible thanks to the mature technical and professional experience of its founding members gained for over twenty years.

In 2018, Momit joined Stack Infrastructure, previously known as SUPERNAP, in order to provide its customers with high-quality solutions for data safety and electrical continuity guaranteed from 99.5% to 100%.

Mauro Razzetti

Started his career as a Junior System Engineer when he was 19. He gained his expertise by collaborating in an important infrastructure migration of a leading company in the banking sector. He added to this ambitious starting point several implementations and network infrastructure redisignings for large important companies. While his initial skills were restricted to Microsoft technologies, he soon expanded his knowledges to Vmware, Linux and to Cisco-based systems. Today, Razzetti is Momit Ceo and the design engineer of Momit solutions and network.

Company and Server Farm

Services and infrastructures are mainly located in STACK Infrastructure, previously known as SUPERNAP. However, we also count on several datacenter geographically distributed to grant Disaster Recovery solutions. Data rooms are provided with a seven-layer physical surveillance, Biometric access control and 100+ CCTV cameras.

We ensure full-time technical support and the constant presence of operators in the data room, 365 days a year, 24\24. Reboot and control procedures can be requested any time, even over the holidays. In the event of a black-out we assure full functioning of the data room up to 72 hours.


The IT infrastructure is a critical issue for every business, and choosing a Datacenter helps minimizing disservices and discontinuations that could cause serious financial losses, and therefore safeguarding data.

This is possible only if there is a constant presence of security staff and NOC that supervise 24\7 the network and the various services of the infrastructure.

The monitoring system allows to keep the whole IT infrastructure under control, and in case of critical issues it quicly warnes technicians. In case of system downtime the economic impact is then minimized, and usually such a careful monitoring analyzes the “warning” alerts in order to require straightforward technical intervention and avoid later critical condition that could result in shutdowns or disservices.

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