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In digital transformation processes, that are fundamental for companies in order to express their whole potential in the market, migration from or to a datacenter is one of the most sensitive issues but it is also necessary.

It deals with reallocating or moving in a brand new space the existing Datacenter. We are then talking about a full process, that is usually really complex that requires a meticulous planning where nothing is left to chance. Migration can be summarized into 7 steps:

1st STEP

Identification of the assessment criteria to define the possible success of the migration

2nd STEP

Planning of the operation through a strict analysis of the infrastructures according to the applications that use it

3rd STEP

Effective development where the steps of the operation are identified, the manpower is quantified and risks are evaluated in order to avoid irretrievable crashes

4th STEP

Involvement of resources that have developed the migration services, in order to perform the technical procedure in the best way possible

5th STEP

Actual migration of data, adopting all possible precautions to allow achievement of the best efficiency and avoid unwanted duplication or loss.

6th STEP

Keeping all the standards about quality, privacy and data security throughout the migration process.

7th STEP

Check and Testing: backup processes that ensure data saving in case the operation fails

8th STEP

Effective migration of the service into the new infrastructure.

9th STEP

Management and monitoring of the new infrastructure

  Linux Smart Linux Flex Linux Extra Linux Free
Spazio Complessivo 200 Mb 500 Mb 1000 Mb 200 Mb
Ottimizzazione per Ecommerce     Prestashop, Magento  
Database MySQL 1 5 Illimitati 1
Statistiche sito No

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