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MailPro Windows – Configuring Exchange with Apple Mail

How to configure Exchange with Apple Mail – In this tutorial we will configure the email address as an example. The key for coloured items in all Momit tutorials comprises of blue items, which are the variables and needs to be substituted with your own configuration parameters; and of green items, which are independent parameters that need to be used as they appear on the tutorial.

Configuration with encryption









In MailPro Windows it is not possible to configure the connection in an unsecured way, all communications with Momit servers are encrypted and secure. If, despite the purchase of the MailPro Windows service, you want to configure a device in the more traditional form with POP3 and IMAP, you can refer to the MailPro Linux guides, following the guidelines for configuring unencrypted connections.

By using unencrypted connections, however, many of the benefits offered by Microsoft Exchange for shared work and multiple synchronization of devices in which the account is configured are unavailable.

1) To proceed with the configuration, open Apple Mail from a Mac OS system and from the “Mail” menu select the “Account” item.
2) The message shows a dialog with all the possible pre-configured providers, choose “Exchange“.
3) Enter your name and surname in the first field, or the identifier you want to use for the account, enter your email address and password and press “Continue“.
4) The system verifies that there is consistency between the minimum information provided and what is defined on the server, thanks to the “Autodiscovery” function of Exchange, the system automatically configures the remaining data from the server. In this case, press “Continue” and go directly to the final step of the guide. If, on the other hand, the autocompletion procedure is not successful (usually due to connectivity behind a corporate proxy or firewall), this screen will not appear and it is necessary to proceed to point 5)
5) Fill in the fields as indicated with the username and password of the account you are configuring. In the “Server address” field it is necessary to enter “”. Click “Continue“.

6) Select the elements for which you want to synchronize Exchange and click “Finish“.


The setup is complete.

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