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Remote Backup – Configuring Veeam Cloud Connect

Configuring Momit Remote Backup using Veeam – Momit is a Veeam Cloud Connect certified partner; in this tutorial you will find out how to configure Veeam Agent with our Momit Remote Backup solution. The key for coloured items in all Momit tutorials comprises of blue items, which are the variables and needs to be substituted with your own configuration parameters; and of green items, which are independent parameters that need to be used as they appear on the tutorial.






1) Install “Veeam Agent for Windows” on the system you want to backup. The creation of a “Media Recovery” for a fast recovery in case of any problem is recommended, subsequently you can configure your backup. 

The first dialog asks you to choose what type of backup you want to create, by using the compression, deduplication and optimisation algorithms, Veeam Cloud Connect will be as performing in both full system backup and single file backup configuration.

After selecting your configuration of choice, click “Next” and chooose between your “Veeam Cloud Connect repository” destinations

2) Configure as destination server for the backup and pay attention to change the default connection port (6180) to 9876. Click “Next”.

NB: If the backup service is offered by a Momit reseller, the backup destination name could be different.

3) The system starts the connection towards Momit Remote Backup infrastructure, it checks the SSL cypher availability and asks for the tenant credentials.

Input the tenant credentials and click “Next“.

4) The system now shows your account information, depending on the chosen plan and the available space. In this dialog it is imperative to choose the number of backups to keep in retention. (14 days is the default). The correct setup depends on the backup settings you use and by the number of full and synthetic full backups you will execute.

Before continuing to the next dialog, click on “Advanced“.

5) In this dialog, under “Backup” you have to choose your backup scheme, in case od doubt you can check what is the best solution for you between active full or synthetic full by going to the Veeam website.

Under the “Storage” section, configure the compression level to “High” and optimize the remote storage destination by selecting “WAN target”. If you want, now you can decide to insert a password as protection for your backup. Remember that the password will be at your discretion and that MOMIT will never be aware of it, if you forget your password you will not be able to recover your backups !!

After competion click “OK” and “Next“.

6) In case you have enough space on your system partition, you can activate the “Backup Cache” function. This will allow the backup to be saved on your system partition in case of any connection issue, the backup will then be transferred whenever the connection is restored.

This setting avoids backup failure in case of small interruptions. It is better to reserve 10% of your hard drive space for the cache functionality.

After completion click “Next“. In the next dialog you will be asked to select the time and temporal window for your backup, after these settings the configuration will be completed.

Do you have any issue using our Remote Backup solution ?

Please contact our technical support by chat or contact us by using the customer area
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