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MailPro Windows – Configuring Exchange with Microsoft Outlook 2013 / 2016 / 2019

How to configure Exchange with Microsoft Outlook – In this tutorial we will configure the as example. The key for coloured items in all Momit tutorials comprises of blue items, which are the variables and needs to be substituted with your own configuration parameters; and of green items, which are independent parameters that need to be used as they appear on the tutorial.

1) Open Microsoft Outlook, it is not possible to configure the Exchange account manually since version 2013, so the server configuration needs to be done manually. The first screenshot is the creation of a new account, fill up the form with your email address and password and click “Next”

2) A new dialog appears that asks you to allow the system to get all configuration parameters from the central server. Select “do not show this message again” and then click OK.

PLEASE NOTE: If this dialog does not appear, then the DNS settings are not correct, please verify to have followed the the correct steps prefore continuing.

WARNING: Vodafone Station appliances have a bug that render impossible to correctly configure MailPro Windows. To continue you need to disable the “Secure DNS” setting on your Vodafone Station.

3) Complete the configuration by pressing the “Finish” button

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