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MailPro Windows – Properly configuring DNS servers

How to correctly configure DNS servers when the MailPro Windows solution is not associated with a domain on the Momit platform. – This tutorial shows the correct settings for any DNS Server regardless of the Hosting provider for the MailPro Windows solution. The key for coloured items in all Momit tutorials comprises of blue items, which are the variables and needs to be substituted with your own configuration parameters; and of green items, which are independent parameters that need to be used as they appear on the tutorial.

1) The most important part for email delivery is the MX record, (Mail Exchanger) which allows the internet world to know which Momit servers are responsible for email delivery. These are the correct settings to be set on the DNS provider:

<domainname>.<TLD> – MX Record – Priority 10 –
<domainname>.<TLD> – MX Record – Priority 20 –
<domainname>.<TLD> – MX Record – Priority 30 –
<domainname>.<TLD> – MX Record – Priority 40 –

It is necessary to set all 4 records for redundancy and security of email delivery especially in case of maintenance of a system. In the event that only one MX Record is set on the DNS table there may be a momentary denial of service during Momit MailPro Windows system maintenance

2) (Optional) If you want an extremely simple configuration for Microsoft Outlook or for an autodiscover compatible client, you need to create the related record:

autodiscover.<domainname>.<TLD> – CNAME Record –

3) (Optional) If required to be read by clients in POP3 or IMAP protocols, it is necessary to create the following record:

mail.<domainname>.<TLD> – CNAME Record –

4) (Optional) If you want to use our authenticated SMTP system with Antispam control on users sending mails, it is necessary to create the record:

smtp.<domainname>.<TLD> – CNAME Record –

5) For incoming mail and to improve the performance and security of the spam filter it is necessary to create the following record:

<domainname>.<TLD> – TXT Record – “v=spf1 mx -all”

6) For outgoing e-mails and to improve the delivery performance and security of e-mails to third parties it is necessary to create the following record:

<domainname>.<TLD> – TXT Record – “v=DKIM1; g=*; k=rsa; p=<chiave Dkim>;”

To generate the correct Dkim key, indicated in the record as <Dkim key>, you must log in with your user on the Cloud Antispam system, and go to “Generate DKIM certificate”. It is better to insert the <domainname> in the name text field to be reported also in the DNS record.

7) For convenience, you can set the Webmail address associated with the domain to be managed by creating the following record:

http://webmail.<domainname>.<TLD> – Redirect Record –

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